Data-Related Jobs


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Data Scientist

Collect vast amounts of data, perform analysis to extract meaningful insights, build predictive models, and uncover patterns, trends, from the data.

Data Analyst

Visualize, transform, and manipulate data, analyze results, prepare reports, and provide actionable insights for informed business decisions. Also responsible for A/B testing analysis and web analytics tracking.

Data Engineer

Design, build, and maintain robust ETL pipelines to ensure data is available to data scientists and data analysts in an analyzable format.

Data Architect

Create blueprints for data management systems to easily integrate, centralize, and protect the databases with the best security measures.

Business Analyst

Bridge the gap between business and IT with detailed business analysis of data, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions. Additionally, work on improving existing business processes.

Machine Learning Engineer

Design, build, and maintain algorithms and models using automated methods for making predictions or decisions without human intervention.

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Use BI visualization and reporting tools to provide analytics and transform data into actionable insights.

Database Administrator

Maintain database systems, ensuring data integrity, security, availability, and optimization. Also responsible for database backups and recoveries.


Apply statistical methodologies or tools to analyze data, assess results, and predict trends or relationships.

Quantitative Analyst

Use advanced mathematical and computational techniques to model financial data for informed decision-making and risk management.

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