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Zicom is one of the leaders in India's Electronic Security sector that provides AI-driven smart cameras for automated facial recognition in images and live videos. Their products are backed with a service network spanning over 1100 cities.


Secureye, a leading company trusted for authenticity, offers diverse security solutions, including AI-powered surveillance, Thermal Screening Cameras, CCTV, and Biometrics Attendance Systems.


MintM utilizes robotics and computer vision to provide real-time analysis and automation through CCTV cameras, offering insights like footfall count, customer loyalty, and personalization.


Safepro plays a key role in CCTV cameras and video analytics, offering advanced surveillance solutions across sectors with a focus on preventive security.


Godrej works with AI, IoT to deploy 80+ quality RPA bots for various applications. Its Smart Security Camera offers remote monitoring with features like mic and night vision, while integrating AI in CCTV technology to enhance security.


Tesseract excels in AR and VR tech, creating cameras and smart lenses. Its novel arrangement of dual wide field of view lenses can cover and record 360 VR images and videos.

e-con System

e-con System, a global embedded vision solution provider with MIPI, USB & Offers GMSL cameras + AI computing systems, specialized in OEM cameras for computer vision, automation, and medical imaging.

Vantage Security

Vantage excels in AI Video Surveillance Cameras. As a key OEM, it tailors solutions for diverse markets, offering IP Cameras with built-in AI & Meta Data Analysis, Thermal and Explosion-proof options. is a prominent provider of AI computer vision solutions for security surveillance and intelligent traffic management, offering innovative video analytics and real-time event analysis.

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