Intel unveils Articul8: A New Enterprise GenAI Company

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Intel and DigitalBridge announce the formation of Articul8, a company set to redefine enterprise AI with a full-stack, secure generative AI software platform.

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The Dawn of Articul8

Articul8's platform is designed to be vertically optimized, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures enterprise data remains within the security perimeter.

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A Vertically Optimized Solution

Offering cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment, Articul8 ensures that businesses can integrate GenAI capabilities seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

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Deployment Flexibility

Born from Intel's IP and technology, Articul8 is led by Arun Subramaniyan, aiming to drive GenAI adoption in various enterprises.

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Intellectual Heritage and Leadership

Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, emphasizes the ongoing collaboration between Intel and Articul8, highlighting the potential for tangible business outcomes.

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Commitment to Collaboration

Backed by DigitalBridge Ventures and a consortium of investors, Articul8 is well-positioned for growth in the GenAI ecosystem.

Image source: Digital Bridge

The Investment Syndicate

Articul8's scalable platform is already enabling enterprises to derive value from their data, signifying GenAI's role as a digital infrastructure driver.

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GenAI's Strategic Impact

Following successful deployment at BCG and others, Articul8 plans to expand its offerings to meet the needs of industries requiring high security and domain expertise.

Image source: BCG

Early Success and Expansion

As an independent entity, Articul8 is set to accelerate its market strategy, scaling innovative GenAI solutions for a diverse set of enterprise needs.

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The Independent Path Forward

The launch of Articul8 marks a significant milestone in the AI industry, promising to bring advanced generative AI capabilities to enterprises worldwide.

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