Adobe VideoGigaGAN Makes Blurred Video Sharper by 8x

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Adobe launched a paper on April 18th on a new generative AI, VideoGigaGAN, which upscales low-quality videos by 8x their original value.

Image source: Adobe

Introducing Adobe VideoGigaGAN

VideoGigaGAN is built upon the large-scale image upscale GigaGAN and has significantly improved the temporal consistency of upsampled videos by adding temporal modules.

Image source: Adobe

GigaGAN Gets Temporal Boost

VideoGigaGAN aims to provide the best of both worlds—the higher image/video quality of GAN models with few flickering or distortion issues across output frames.

Image source: Canva

Higher Resolution

They introduced a “flow-guided propagation module” and a “high-frequency features shuttle” for sudden drops in detail to ensure consistency among a video's frames.

Image source: Canva

AI Upscaling Tech Tackles Detail Loss for Smooth Results

To show its potential, they have given a demo where an old movie from the 1940s goes from running at a 480x360 image resolution to a crisp 1280x960.

Image source: Adobe

Video Upscaling Demo

In the past year, the company has been focusing heavily on implementing AI into its software from the launch of Firefly and Acrobat’s new assistant.

Image source: Adobe

Adobe’s AI Push

For now, VideoGigaGAN is just a research preview, and there are no immediate plans to bring it to Premiere Pro or its Creative Cloud Suite.

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