Self-driving Cars in India

Startups Working on

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Swaayatt Robots

Founded in 2015, Swaayatt Robots aims to make connected autonomous driving technology accessible and affordable.

Minus Zero

As India's first startup dedicated to fully autonomous vehicles, Minus Zero has achieved a significant milestone by testing a fully driverless prototype on unregulated Indian public roads.

Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz

Founded in 2014, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz focuses on advancing autonomous vehicles and Industry 4.0 with Autonomous Mobile Robots for warehousing and manufacturing., post-acquisition in 2017, specializes in efficient autonomous vehicle operations, replacing costly manual transport with autonomous shuttles.


AutoNxt, with over 35 years of experience, develops electric autonomous tractors and transforms the agricultural sector with innovative leasing and distribution models.


The startup Fisheyebox has a multidisciplinary team that leverages AI for various driving innovations, from behavior modeling to low-level firmware actuation.

Flux Auto

Flux Auto, founded in 2017, pioneers autonomous driving in challenging terrains, prioritizing safety to democratize autonomous trucking in India and elsewhere.


Scouto is an automotive tech startup working with connected cars that has developed a comprehensive suite of connected car technology, offering in-depth insights into a vehicle's condition.

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