South Korea’s First Administrative Officer Robot Tragically Self-Destructs

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The robot, developed by California-based startup Bear Robotics, became an officer at South Korea’s Gumi City Council in August 2023.

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The History of Gumi City Council’s Robot Officer

The robot officer worked regular office hours between 9 AM and 6 PM and even had a civil service officer card.

Efficiency in Action: Council Robot Officer’s Dedication

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The robot officer could move between floors independently using an elevator. It helped with daily document deliveries, information dissemination, and city promotions.

Robot Officer Elevates City Operations

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On June 26th, 2024, the city council announced the robot was found unresponsive after a two-meter staircase fall last week.

Backstory of South Korea’s Robot Suicide Case

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The robot officer was smashed and lying in the stairwell between the council building’s first and second floors.

Robot Officer Found Shattered

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City officials suspect the robot may be depressed due to its heavy workload. The company had collected robot pieces for analysis.

Agence France-Presse Reports on Robot’s Suicide

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Witnesses noticed the robot circling in one place before the incident. The officials stated that the exact cause of the fall is still under investigation.

An Investigation Into the Incident

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Currently, the Gumi City Council is not planning to hire a second robot to replace the fallen officer.

Adoption of a Second Robot Officer

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The robot’s sudden demise raises concerns about the mental well-being of the most advanced technologies, sparking social media discussions on the pressures robots might experience.

Impact in the Advanced Technologies

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