Snap’s New Leap: AI Tools Redefining Augmented Reality Experiences

Image source: Analytics Drift

On June 18, 2024, Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, an instant messaging app, launched new AI tools for advanced augmented reality (AR).

Image source: Snap

Snap unveils new AI tools based on AR

Snap has introduced AI-powered special effects known as lenses in Snapchat. It has also upgraded Lens Studio, its developer platform, to allow developers to create new AR features for apps other than Snapchat.

Image source: Snap

Experience realistic content with new Snap features

According to Bobby Murphy, Snap’s Chief Technology Officer, the newly added effects will help creators create unique content and innovative advertisements to engage more audiences.

Image source: Snap

Empowers creators to create sophisticated content

Snap, though a smaller company compared to Meta, is known to be a leader in the adoption of AR in its applications. It has stated that it is also working on introducing a full-body AR experience.

Image source: Snap

Snap: A pioneer in AR adoption

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