Samsung Partners with Baidu, Not Google, for AI-Powered Galaxy S24 in China

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Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series in China features Baidu's Ernie Bot, showcasing a major step in AI-powered smartphones.

Image source: Samsung

Samsung's AI Leap with Baidu

Baidu's AI tools elevate the Galaxy S24 with capabilities in text summarization, organization, and translation.

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Advanced AI Integration

The series includes an exclusive 'circle to search' feature, powered by Baidu, distinct from Google's version in other markets.

Image source: Samsung

Unique 'Circle to Search' Feature

In China's Google-service-limited landscape, Samsung and Baidu fill the void with alternative, localized solutions.

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Filling the Service Gap in China

The partnership is a significant adoption of Baidu's Ernie AI, rivaling OpenAI's ChatGPT in the Chinese market.

Image source: Baidu

Baidu's Ernie AI Adoption

Samsung aims to enhance its presence in China, the world's largest smartphone market, with this strategic collaboration.

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Samsung's Market Expansion Strategy

Samsung's foldable devices, coupled with integrated local services like Baidu's AI, target a premium segment in China.

Image source: Samsung

Distinguishing with Foldables

The collaboration aims to entice consumers to switch from iPhones and local brands to Samsung's innovative offerings.

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Competing with Apple and Local Brands

Deepening ties with local AI technologies, Samsung aligns with market preferences and tech trends in China.

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Embracing Local AI Technologies

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