Reliance-Backed Consortium Reveals Groundbreaking ‘Hanooman’ AI Model Series

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Reliance and premier engineering institutions prepare to unveil a ChatGPT-like service, marking a pivotal milestone in the nation’s journey towards AI dominance.

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India’s Bid for AI Superpower

Supported by Reliance and leading IITs, India’s ‘Hanooman’ language models aspire to leave a mark in generative AI.

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Reliance, Top IITs Launch ‘Hanooman’ Language Models

SML partners with the BharatGPT ecosystem, revealing the innovative ‘Hanooman’’ series of Indic language models, heralding a new era in AI.

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Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare Joins BharatGPT

The Hanooman AI models currently comprehend and respond to 11 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi, with plans for expansion to over 20 languages, and parameters form 1.5B to 40B.

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Hanooman: Multilingual AI Powerhouse Unveiled

With this model, the latest breakthrough in AI goes beyond offering text, speech, and video generation. Its specialized variant, ‘VizzhyGPT’, tailored for healthcare, signals a new era in AI innovation.

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Revolutionizing AI with Multimodal Capabilities

India is striving to position itself as a major player in AI, challenging the dominance of the US and China. The ‘Hanooman’ joins other homegrown Indic language AIs like Krutrim, SaravamAI, and Airavata.

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India’s AI Ambitions Soar

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