Paytm Layoffs 1000 Employees. Is it because of AI?

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In a bid to enhance profitability, Paytm's parent company, One 97 Communications, has laid off over 1,000 employees, constituting around 10% of its workforce.

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Paytm's Decisive Workforce Reduction

The layoffs spanned various departments, including payments, lending, operations, and sales, all under the initiative for performance and profitability enhancement.

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Broad Impact Across Departments

Media speculation swirls around AI's role in these job cuts, with Paytm's spokesperson noting AI's significant contributions but leaving the extent of its impact on layoffs ambiguous.

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The AI Speculation

Without clear data, the precise contribution of AI and automation to workforce reduction remains a subject for debate. It is likely that AI is not the prime reason for the job cut.

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AI's Ambiguous Role

Despite the layoffs, Paytm plans to hire 15,000 employees in the next year, aiming to bolster its core payments business and explore new avenues like wealth management and insurance.

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Future Expansion Amidst Cutbacks

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