OpenAI Launches the GPT Store: A Hub for Custom ChatGPTs

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OpenAI introduces the GPT Store, a groundbreaking platform for ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users to explore custom GPTs.

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The GPT Store Launch

Since GPTs' introduction, over 3 million custom versions have been created, many shared by builders for community use.

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A Community of Creators

Browse the store to find a variety of popular GPTs, categorized into areas like education, programming, lifestyle, and more.

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Discovering Trending GPTs

Discover Code Tutor by Khan Academy, presentation design with Canva, book recommendations, and CK-12's Flexi AI tutor for math and science.

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More Featured Innovations

Creating a GPT is easy and coding-free. Builders can share their GPTs in the store, expanding the platform's diversity and utility.

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Inclusive GPT Building

OpenAI announces a revenue program for builders, rewarding them based on user engagement with their GPTs.

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Builder Revenue Program

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