NVIDIA Introduces New AI Supercomputer DGX GH200


Image source: Analytics Drift

Produced by: Sahil Pawar

The NVIDIA DGX supercomputer, powered by NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips and the NVIDIA NVLink Switch System, was unveiled by NVIDIA today.

Image source: NVIDIA

It was designed to support the creation of enormous, next-generation models for generative AI language applications, recommender systems, and data analytics workloads.

Image source: Canva

The NVIDIA DGX GH200's enormous shared memory area combines 256 GH200 superchips into one GPU using the NVLink connection technology and NVLink Switch System.

Image source: NVIDIA

This offers 144 terabytes of shared memory and 1 exaflop of performance, which is roughly 500 times more memory than the 2020-released NVIDIA DGX.

Image source: Canva

Supercomputers powered by the NVIDIA DGX GH200 are anticipated to become available by the end of the year.

Image source: Canva

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