Nvidia CEO Thinks AI Would Kill Coding


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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang highlights the potential threat of Artificial Intelligence to jobs within the IT sector.

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Nvidia CEO Warns of AI Impact

Jensen Huang questions the importance of children learning coding, sparking debate among educators and tech experts.

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Huang Opposes Coding Education For Kids

Emphasizing the increasing adoption of AI, he pointed to tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini, highlighting how they’ve made ‘everyone a programmer’ now.

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CEO Highlights AI Empowerment Trend

Huang highlighted a change in the significance of coding, once crucial but now less. He suggests universal coding education can be optional today.

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CEO Reevaluates Importance of Coding

The CEO emphasizes prioritizing technologies that enable computers to understand human prompts over humans learning languages like C++ and Java.

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Huang Urges Human-Friendly Tech Development

Huang advocated for computing tech to eradicate programming needs, promoting a user-friendly language. He emphasizes AI’s impact, turning everyone into programmers.

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AI: Transforming All into Programmers

Huang suggests prioritizing skill enhancement over pushing children to learn to code. He emphasizes the need to upskill everyone.

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Huang: Prioritize Individual Skills Over Coding

John Carmack, the id Software co-founder, supports Huang’s coding views. In a tweet, he underscores problem-solving as paramount, downplaying coding’s importance.

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Carmack Backs Huang on Coding Debate

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Produced by: Unnati Gupta Designed by: Prathamesh