Nvidia and Yotta's AI Data Centre in GIFT City: A Leap in AI Infrastructure


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Nvidia, in partnership with Yotta, is set to commission an AI data centre in GIFT City, India, enhancing regional AI infrastructure.

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Nvidia's Major Announcement

This initiative is part of Nvidia's broader collaboration with major Indian conglomerates Tata Group and Reliance Industries for data centre development.

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A Collaborative Effort

Yotta's upcoming AI data centre, expected to go live before March-end, represents a significant step in India's AI capability enhancement.

Image source: Yotta

The Yotta Data Centre

The launch of this AI data centre is poised to have a profound impact across different sectors, driving AI-based innovations.

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Impact on Various Sectors

The announcement, made at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, underscores Nvidia's commitment to advancing AI technology in India.

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Announcement at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

The establishment of the AI data centre in GIFT City illustrates the increasing focus on AI as a key driver in global business and technology.

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AI's Growing Global Importance

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