Microsoft Launches Phi-3-mini, a Small Language Model

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Microsoft unveils Phi-3-mini: a lightweight AI model, demonstrating its commitment to offering affordable AI solutions.

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Microsoft Introduces Phi-3-mini: Compact Language Models

Microsoft launches Phi-3-mini, the first of its trio of SLMs, with high hopes for reshaping professional tech interactions.

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Microsoft Phi-3-mini Leads Trio of SLMs

Microsoft’s compact SLMs rival larger counterparts with less data. Phi-3-mini, with 3.8 billion parameters, outperforms larger models like GPT-3.5T.

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Compact SLM Breakthrough

Sebastien Bubeck, Microsoft’s GenAI VP, praised Phi-3-mini’s cost advantage, noting that it’s dramatically cheaper than similar models.

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Microsoft VP Praises Cost Efficiency

Phi-3-mini empowers the efficient development of edge AI apps with improved latency. Microsoft’s SLM series mirrors LLM capabilities.

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Empowering Developers with Efficient Edge AI

Phi-3-mini will be available on Microsoft Azure, Hugging Face, and Ollama for local machine deployment.

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Phi-3: Accessible Via Azure and Hugging Face

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