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Open Bug Bounty


Open Bug Bounty is one of the independently established bug bounty platforms that surfaced in 2014. It is a non-profit project that security researchers developed to connect website owners and security administrators to make the web safer. The platform follows ISO standard guidelines to ensure ethical and thoughtful disclosure of any. Open Bug Bounty is only responsible for independent verifications of detected vulnerabilities and notifying website owners.



Redstorm is one of the bug bounty platforms that help organizations build a team of ethical hackers and security experts as a part of an organization’s infosec team. Using Redstorm’s bug bounty platform, organizations can conveniently publish websites and applications to independent security researchers/ethical hackers who will try to find vulnerabilities in your products.



YesWeHack is one of the emerging European bug bounty platforms and vulnerability management companies. The platform offers a big community of security professionals and white hat hackers who optimize vulnerability testing. Clients can choose the relevant experts in their security, describe their requirements and get the ‘hunters’ to find vulnerabilities. Once done, users receive protected vulnerability reports, ensuring data privacy and disclosure compliance.



Casey Ellis, a cybersecurity expert, founded BugCrowd, one of the most creative and inventive bug bounty platforms. BugCrowd is known to actively push the standard crowd security testing services and test surface management with a wide range of penetration testing activities for IoT, API, and even networks. The platform also skillfully promotes various software development life cycle (SDLC) integration capabilities to speed up and simplify the DevSecOps workflow.



Immunefi is one of the web3 bug bounty platforms that operates the most significant bounties worldwide and is the first operational bug bounty program. It is a unique bug bounty platform with chain-agnostic capabilities, i.e., it hosts bug bounties for blockchain projects. Immunefi has a white hat army of security experts who do continuous code reviews and check for vulnerabilities.



Bugv is one of the bug bounty platforms that help in vulnerability coordination with robust penetration testers and a team of security researchers. It was founded by Naresh LamGade, an independent security researcher and web enthusiast with a vision to make infrastructures more secure and prepared to tackle exploits.



HackerOne is one of the leading bug bounty platforms specializing in attack resistance management (ARM). It was founded in 2012 by ethical hackers and security experts to bridge the gap between organizations’ assets and their protection. HackerOne offers ARM to identify relative weaknesses in the constantly changing digital attack surface and combines the security expertise of ethical hackers with asset discovery, ongoing assessment, and process improvement.



Bugbase is one of the first few Indian bug bounty platforms and the largest cybersecurity marketplace in the country. Bugbase harnesses a massive ethical hacking talent to ensure security for businesses with an all-in-one platform. It provides one-click integration using security testing solutions to be used within minutes, and bugs are reported within a few hours.



Synack is one of the most valued commercial bug bounty platforms, founded by security visionaries Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr. Synack offers a robust testing service with end-to-end vulnerability management with Synack365 and a specialized Synack Red Team team for bug bounty operations. The “Synack Red Team” (SRT) is an exclusive group of cybersecurity experts that comprises security specialists with verified backgrounds and respectable industry expertise



Inspectiv is a well-known vulnerability management and bug bounty platform that crowdsources web applications to test security and scan for vulnerabilities. It was founded in 2018 to provide world-class cybersecurity intelligence and consulting services. Veritone’s FedRAMP certification validates the platform for third-party assessment controls.



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