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AI-Generated posts

LinkedIn has introduced a new AI feature that assists in post-writing. You must share around 30 words of your thoughts, and AI will draft the post for you.

AI-Enhanced Job Descriptions

LinkedIn now employs AI to help create job descriptions. By providing basic information, recruiters can generate a customizable job description. This helps recruiters explain roles clearly.

AI-Generated Recruiter Messages

LinkedIn has introduced AI-generated messages into LinkedIn Recruiter, a feature that crafts personalized InMail messages for potential candidates by analyzing their LinkedIn profiles.

AI-Powered Profile Building

LinkedIn now uses AI to suggest personalized writing for a better profile. It highlights skills and experiences and suggests efficient ways to present them in your About and Headline sections.

AI-Powered Conversation Starters

Using information from your profile, the hiring manager's profile, and the job description, the generative AI creates a highly personalized message to initiate a conversation with recruiters or experts.

AI-Powered Collaborative Articles

Collaborative articles are knowledge topics published by LinkedIn. LinkedIn will generate relevant topics for people to write about and match each article with relevant experts who can contribute with their expertise and professional experience.

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