Krutrim: India's Very Own LLM by Ola

Image source: Analytics Drift

Meet Krutrim: Ola's groundbreaking AI, a leap in multilingual tech for India.

Image source: OLA

Krutrim understands 22 Indian languages, generating text in 10, a feat in AI diversity.

Image source: canva

Trained on two trillion tokens, Krutrim excels in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi.

Image source: canva

Krutrim Pro, the advanced model, set for a future launch (next quarter), promising enhanced capabilities.

Image source: OLA

Touted as India's first full-stack AI, Krutrim symbolizes a self-reliant tech future.

Image source: Canva

Bhavish Aggarwal's vision: Krutrim, a product of local knowledge, transforming India's digital landscape.

Image source: Analytics Drift



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