Jobs That AI Can Replace

in Near Future

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AI-powered tools can detect grammatical mistakes, sentence construction, and spelling and punctuation errors in written content. Grammarly and Hemingway App are two popular options for proofreading.

Customer Service

AI chatbots can handle customer support and common queries, such as delivery status, order cancellation, refund status, or payment confirmation. It reduces the need for human agents.


AI-powered software can extract relevant data from receipts, invoices, and similar financial documents to input into accounting systems. AI can also analyze vast amounts of financial data to identify discrepancies and potential fraud more accurately than human auditors.


AI chatbots can handle tasks like answering basic queries, scheduling appointments, and directing visitors. Automated phone and scheduling systems can replace traditional receptionist roles.

Programmers and Coders

AI tools can generate high-quality code in multiple coding languages, helping automate parts of the coding process. Human programmers needn’t put too much effort into developing extensive codes from scratch.


AI can review legal documents and contracts to figure out which documents are relevant to a case. It helps automate such time-consuming, repetitive, low-legal work.

Radiologists and Medical Diagnostics

AI can identify pathologies in X-rays, MRI scans, and other medical imaging, assisting doctors in diagnosing conditions. While AI-based diagnostics seems promising, it isn’t entirely accurate or dependable currently.

Market Research Analysts

AI can analyze large amounts of data to help identify market trends and customer behavior for improving business performance.

Courier Services

AI-powered robots and drones can automate certain tasks of delivery services, including short-distance and routine deliveries. Amazon and Walmart are already replacing delivery people with these.

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