Jeff Bezos, Nvidia Join OpenAI in Funding Humanoid Robot Startup Figure AI

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Amazon, Nvidia, and Microsoft are backing Figure AI, a startup specializing in humanoid robots. According to Bloomberg, with OpenAI’s support, the startup secured $675 million, valuing it at $2 billion.

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Tech Titans Invest in Figure AI’s Humanoid Robots

Jeff Bezos’ firm reportedly commits $100 million, Microsoft injects $95 million, while Nvidia and an Amazon-related fund contribute $50 million each. Interest in AI startups rises post-ChatGPT success.

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Investment Boost for AI Startups

Despite prior acquisition considerations, OpenAI decides to invest $5 million in Figure AI, backed by Intel, LG, Samsung, Parkway VC, and Align Ventures.

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OpenAI Invests $5 Million in Figure AI

Investments from ARK Venture Fund, Aliya Capital Partners, and Tamarack show broad investor interest in Figure AI.

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Investor Interest Grows in Figure AI

Major players like Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Intel declined to comment, while Figure AI and others refrained from immediate responses to Reuter’s inquiries.

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Tech Giants Silent on Enquiry

Sunnyvale, California’s Figure AI leads in versatile humanoid robot development, navigating diverse environments for warehousing and retail tasks.

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Sunnyvale’s Figure AI Advances Humanoid Robots

Last year, the company raised $70 million in its debut external funding round, led by Parkway Venture Capital, showcasing early confidence in its innovative robotics technology approach.

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Parkway Venture Capital Leads $70M Investment

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