Introducing Jio Brain: Revolutionizing AI with Jio Platforms

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After 2 years of R&D, Jio Platforms introduces Jio Brain, a leap in AI innovation by hundreds of engineers.

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Jio Unveils Jio Brain

Jio Brain elevates telco and enterprise networks with Machine Learning, requiring no network IT transformation.

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Seamless Integration in Any Network

With over 500 REST and Data APIs, Jio Brain facilitates the creation of ML-driven services seamlessly.

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Empowering with 500+ REST and Data APIs

Jio Brain offers customized AI solutions for images, videos, text, and more, enhancing enterprise capabilities.

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Advanced AI 'as a Service

Set to revolutionize 5G services and pave the way for 6G, Jio Brain integrates ML as a cornerstone for innovation.

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Pioneering in 5G and Beyond

Jio invites AI/ML researchers to join hands, scaling the Jio Brain innovation ecosystem for global impact.

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Collaboration Opens New Horizons

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