Employing AI for Security

Indian Cities


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Hyderabad deploys AI-based camera vision technology to develop solutions for traffic and provide security across sectors, like sending alerts to guards whenever a new vehicle enters.


As a part of the Bangalore Safe City project, 7,000 AI cameras were deployed across 3,000 Bangalore sites, assisting city police in surveillance, incident detection, and real-time data collection.


Bhopal has installed approximately 400 smart poles, offering internet via Wi-Fi hotspots, charging slots for electric vehicles and AI-based weather sensors for climate updates and alerts.


Delhi deploys AI-based CCTV cameras in prisons to supervise the blindspots. The cameras keep an eye on intruders and illegal activities by prisoners like using mobile phones.


Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is enhancing security with thermal coastal cameras, automated vehicle number plate recognition, and Red Light Violation Detection to deter signal violations.


Under the Safe Kerala campaign, 726 solar-powered AI cameras were installed. The cameras monitor traffic violations like jumping signals, using mobiles while riding, and riding without helmets.


Kolkata deploys an AI-powered CCTV network, ensuring 24/7 surveillance across the city. The technology is used to track explosive items, trespassing, and unusual public gatherings.


Pune airport is among eight chosen by the Airports Authority of India to test Baggage AI, a smart screening system that automatically detects X-ray threats to enhance security, and alert operators.


In Ahmedabad, 5,629 AI-equipped CCTV cameras have been deployed with 1,695 strategically placed at 130 traffic junctions. The cameras are used to capture various traffic violations.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has launched policies like ethical AI, secure blockchain governance, and cybersecurity to protect the assets of the government and develop a risk reduction strategy.

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