Harvard Publishes Guidelines for Use of AI in Classroom


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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the largest academic division at Harvard, published its first set of guidelines for instructors on using generative AI in their classes.

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The Office of Undergraduate Education's instructions are extensive and provide general knowledge on how generative AI operates and its potential academic uses.

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A fully-encouraging policy, a maximally restrictive policy, and a mixed approach are the three methods that professors can use towards using AI in their courses, respectively.

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The guideline does not impose one AI policy across the FAS, instead, it offers specific terminology for these three options.

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The FAS guidelines also expand on university-wide AI policies that were released in July and put a strong emphasis on safeguarding private information.

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Faculty are not to enter student work into AI systems, according to FAS guidance. Spokesperson pointed out that third-party AI platforms own both user-generated prompts and computer-generated responses.

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