GPT-4 Did Not Get Even 30% Success Rate on Simpler Tasks: Meta's Researchers"

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Under LeCun's guidance, Meta introduces GAIA, revolutionizing AI's approach to everyday challenges.

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Yann LeCun & Meta present GAIA

GAIA emerges as a gold standard, pushing AI towards unprecedented versatility and adaptability.

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A benchmark for General AI Assistants

Designed to mimic daily tasks, GAIA tests AI's ability to navigate and solve complex problems.

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Challenging AI with real-world tasks

GAIA aims to narrow the divide, enhancing AI's understanding and execution to human levels.

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GAIA: Bridging human-AI performance gap

Through reasoning, web exploration, and tool utilization, GAIA assesses AI's practical intelligence.

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Involving reasoning, web browsing, and tool use

With 466 diverse questions, GAIA challenges AI across multiple domains, testing depth and breadth.

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466 questions designed to test AI

GAIA sets the stage for a direct comparison, showcasing how closely AI can emulate human reasoning.

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Human vs AI: A performance showdown

Striving for AI that mirrors human resilience, GAIA evaluates AI's adaptability to change.

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GAIA's goal: Simulating average human robustness

GAIA represents a significant milestone, marking a new era in AI's evolution and capability.

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A milestone in AI research and development

Together, Meta and LeCun are at the forefront, steering AI towards the next major breakthrough.

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Joining forces for the next AI breakthrough

Even the most capable AIs struggle on GAIA, with GPT-4 not exceeding a 30% success rate on simpler tasks.

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GAIA's Challenging Reality for AI

Compared to AI's performance, humans show a robust 92% success rate, highlighting the intelligence gap.

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Human vs. AI: The Gap Remains

GAIA's results underscore the journey towards achieving a General AI, marking significant milestones ahead.

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The Path to True General AI

GAIA not only tests AI but also invites the global community to contribute towards safer, more capable AI systems.

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GAIA: Beyond Benchmarking

Success in GAIA will herald a new era in AI, pushing beyond current capabilities towards more generalized intelligence.

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The Future of AI, Post-GAIA

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