Google Offers 9 Free Generative AI Courses on the Cloud Skills Boost Platform

Image source: Analytics Drift

On its cloud skills boost platform, Google just released nine free AI-specific courses and a quest for free, which include cutting-edge AI technologies like generative AI, large language models, and image generation.

Image source: Google Cloud

The courses include:

– Introduction to Generative AI – Introduction to Large Language Models – Introduction to Responsible AI – Introduction to Image Generation Encoder-Decoder Architecture – Attention Mechanism – Transformer Models and BERT Model – Create Image Captioning Models – Introduction to Generative AI Studio – Generative AI Explorer - Vertex AI

Image source: Google Cloud

The majority of these are one-day courses, and Google will award a virtual badge upon completion. This badge will then be visible on the Google cloud skills boost profile.

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Some of these courses also offer extra materials, and if a course includes a lab, a user must buy a separate subscription or can gain access to it for free by taking part in various promotions.

Image source: Canva

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