Google Gemini Stops AI Image Generation

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On February 8, a new chatbot came into force by the name Gemini, introduced by Google to replace Bard.

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Google Gemini Emerged on the World Stage

Gemini was favored over Bard as it confidently claimed to provide advanced functionalities.

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Why Gemini over Bard

Tech giant Google has opted to temporarily halt the Gemini image generator’s ability to produce images of individuals.

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Google disables Gemini Image Generation

Google’s decision follows criticisms of the program’s misinterpretation of people’s races in history, the sparkling debate over technology’s impact on the perception of history and diversity.

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The Rationale for Google’s Action

Billionaire Elon Musk’s criticism of Gemini as ‘woke’ and ‘racist’ has ignited debate over its struggle to balance inclusivity and historical accuracy.

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Involvement of Elon Musk in Controversy

In a recent post on X, Jack Krawczyk, Google’s Product Director for Gemini Experiences, confirmed that the chatbot is encountering problems, particularly with inaccuracies in historical image generation.

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Google Product Director Confirms Chatbot Issues

The company has promised to introduce an enhanced version of the tool. This move underscored Google’s acknowledgment of the issues present in the current model.

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Google’s Response to Gemini Concerns

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