Genpact Announced the Opening of An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Center in Gurugram

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On Tuesday, 23rd April, Genpact announced their opening of an AI Innovation Center in Gurugram.

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Genpact Opens AI Center in Gurugram

The company first launched such a center in London last year, and several more will follow worldwide in the coming months.

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Following London, Genpact Rolls Out AI Centers

Genpact states, “The center will be a launch pad for innovation, facilitating talent's learning, experimentation, and building holistic, AI-focused solutions.”

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Building Solutions Through Learning

The AI Innovation Center will offer the business process and technology services company and its clients a dedicated space to explore new ideas to reinvent their businesses.

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AI Hub Fuels Business Reinvention

The inauguration of Genpact’s AI innovation center makes a powerful stride towards this ambitious vision, positioning India to cultivate world-class talent and R&D capabilities.

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Gurugram's AI Hub: A Space for Business Reinvention

The Indian Government is launching a $1.2 billion program to promote capacity building and AI literacy, set up research centers, and establish legal frameworks.

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India Invests $1.2 Billion in AI Push

This initiative shows India’s devotion to becoming a global AI leader and demonstrates its potential to innovate and contribute to the global AI ecosystem.

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AI Innovation on the Rise: India Makes Big Bet

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