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Google’s Python Class

Google provides a free, two-day intensive Python course. Learners initially explore strings and lists using lecture videos and written materials, followed by coding exercises.

Microsoft's Introduction to Python Course

Microsoft's Python Intro Course  is a short, 8-unit, 16-minute class that covers Python basics, including code exploration, variable declaration, Python app execution, and accessing free resources.

Fundamentals for Beginners by Great Learning

Great Learning Academy is providing Python Fundamentals for Beginners—a free 4-hour course. This course covers basics, data types, functions, OOP, and provides a completion certificate.

Python Course for Beginners by Scalar

Scaler offers Python Course for Beginners: Mastering the Essentials—a free 10-hour course. You can learn Python basics, loops, strings, list, tuples, OOP, file handling  and earn a certificate upon completion.

Introduction to Python Programming by Udemy

Udemy's Intro to Python Programming offers 3 sections, 18 lectures, and 1.5+ hours of on-demand video lectures. Students learn Python coding step by step, starting with basics like strings and variables.

Learn Python 3 From Scratch by Educative

This is a 10 hours long beginner's course with hands-on coding. Learners cover python basics, functions, loops, with written lessons, quizzes, and assessments for practical skill building.

Python for Everybody by Coursera

This 19 hour long course covers the initial five chapters of "Python for Everybody" textbook. Students learn to use variables to calculate, retrieve, and store information, to write their first program.

Learn Python Full Course for Beginners by freeCodeCamp

This free YouTube tutorial developed by Mike Dane is 4.5+ hrs, covering topics like variables, data types, strings, if statements, comparisons, and creating a calculator, translator, and quiz.

Python Tutorial for Beginners by  Simplilearn

Simplilearn presents a free 1-hour Python Tutorial for Beginners course, guiding you through fundamental concepts and software setup. You can earn a certificate upon course completion.

Learn Python 2 by Codecademy

Codecademy offers a free 24-hour Learn Python 2 course. Learn fundamental programming concepts, including Python syntax, strings, control flow, functions, and more, through lessons and quizzes for hands-on practice.

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