Reinforcement Learning

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Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is AI systems learn by interacting with their environment, aiming for maximum reward.

Understanding the Reward Function

The reward function is central, guiding agents by assigning values to actions based on their outcomes.

The Role of Agents

Agents are decision-makers, learning to navigate complex environments through trial and error.

Exploration vs. Exploitation

Find a delicate balance: to build RI models exploring new strategies (exploration) and use known strategies (exploitation) for optimal learning.

Policies in RI

A policy is a strategy or a rulebook that the agent follows to determine its actions at each state in an environment. Essentially, it's a mapping from perceived states of the environment to actions to be taken when in those states.

Real-World Applications

From autonomous vehicles to personalized recommendations, Reinforcement Learning is making waves across industries.

Algorithms in Play

Delve into popular algorithms like Q-learning and SARSA that power Reinforcement Learning.

Challenges and Limitations

Addressing issues like sparse rewards, high-dimensional spaces, and transfer learning in complex environments.

Ethical Considerations

Understanding the ethical implications of autonomous decision-making and the responsible use of Reinforcement Learning.

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