ElevenLabs Launches Dubbing Studio: Revolutionizing Video Localization with AI


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ElevenLabs unveils Dubbing Studio, a cutting-edge tool offering automatic, end-to-end video translation across 29 languages.

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Dubbing Studio's Introduction

With Dubbing Studio, users gain detailed control over transcript, translation, and timing for precise localization.

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Hands-On Localization Control

The tool automatically transcribes content, translates it, and generates a new audio track in the chosen language.

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Advanced Transcription and Translation

Unique voice cloning ensures each speaker maintains the same voice across different languages.

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Voice Cloning for Consistency

Users can generate, edit, and re-generate transcripts and translations for tailored localization.

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Editable Transcripts and Translations

Dubbing Studio allows adjustments in voice stability, similarity, and style for each audio track.

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Customizable Voice Settings

Adjust timecodes in the tool to ensure dialogue aligns perfectly with on-screen action.

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Synchronizing Dialogue with Action

Edit translations for more natural language use, like avoiding repetitive words for better audience engagement.

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Enhancing Translation Accuracy

Easily add more languages to your project, expanding global reach and accessibility.

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Seamless Language Addition

Dubbing Studio by ElevenLabs marks a significant leap in video localization, offering unparalleled control and customization.

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