Ego-Exo4D by Meta can revolutionize video learning

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Meta has announced Ego-Exo4D, a foundational dataset for advanced video learning and multimodal perception research.

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The dataset encompasses video content from six countries and seven U.S. states, providing a diverse resource for AI development.

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Ego-Exo4D is a collaborative venture between Meta’s Fair, Meta’s Project Aria, and 15 universities.

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This dataset captures both first-person egocentric views from wearable cameras worn by participants and multiple “exocentric” views from surrounding cameras.

Image source: Ego-Exo4d

Ego-Exo4D is the largest public dataset of time-synchronized first- and third-person video. The comprehensive AI dataset features real-world experts showcasing specific skills, ranging from professional athletes and dancers to chefs and bike technicians.

Image source: CMU

One impactful application of Ego-Exo4D lies in Augmented Reality (AR), where individuals using smart glasses might learn new skills with virtual AI coaching through instructional videos.

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Note that the dataset isn’t available for download now but will be released by the end of December 2023.

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