Career Paths for BTech Graduates


Beyond Software

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Business Analysis - Turning Data into Decisions

Business Analysis offers an exciting career for BTech graduates, where they can interpret complex data without writing code to drive business strategy.

Technical Writing - The Rising Star

Technical Writing emerges as a top career choice for BTech grads, fueled by the content needs of burgeoning AI companies.

Cybersecurity Expertise - Guardians of the Digital World

In the age of digital threats, a career in Cybersecurity provides a vital role in protecting data and systems.

Robotics Engineering - Shaping the Future

Robotics Engineering is a dynamic field for those interested in designing and building robotic systems.

Network Administration - Keeping Connections Strong

Network Administration is crucial in managing and maintaining the computer networks of organizations.

Technical Sales - Merging Technical Knowledge with Commerce

Technical Sales roles are ideal for those who can combine their technical expertise with sales acumen.

Quality Assurance - Ensuring Excellence in Tech

Quality Assurance careers involve testing and refining products to meet the highest standards.

Teaching and Academia - Educating the Next Generation

Teaching or academia offers a fulfilling path for those passionate about imparting knowledge in tech fields.


BTech graduates have a plethora of career options beyond software roles, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.

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