DeepMind Research: Adversarial Attack on Human Perception

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Google DeepMind explores how adversarial images, designed to mislead AI, can also subtly influence human perception.

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Introduction to the Research

Adversarial images are subtly altered to deceive AI models into misclassification – a vase perceived as a cat, challenging AI security.

Image source: Deepmind

The Nature of Adversarial Images

Traditionally, computers and humans perceive visuals differently, but this research probes where these perceptions overlap and diverge.

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The AI-Human Perception Gap

Experiments reveal that humans, under certain conditions, show a systematic bias influenced by the same adversarial perturbations affecting AI.

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Human Sensitivity to AI Deception

Even changes as minor as 2 pixel levels can steer human perception, indicating a surprising vulnerability to adversarial attacks.

Image source: Deepmind

The Subtlety of Influence

Participants, when asked to compare two nearly identical images, showed a consistent bias towards the adversarial target, even without noticing the subtle differences.

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Experimenting with Perceptual Bias

This discovery raises crucial questions about AI's influence on human perception and underscores the importance of AI safety and security research.

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Implications for AI Safety and Security

Insights from this study could help align AI visual systems more closely with human vision, enhancing the robustness and safety of AI models.

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Toward Safer AI Systems

The research highlights the need to understand how emerging technologies affect not just machines but also human cognition and decision-making.

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The Broader Impact on Technology and Humans

DeepMind's findings open a new chapter in understanding the intersection of human and machine perception, guiding future AI and cognitive science research.

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