Deepmind Releases the Largest Robotics Datasets

Image source: Analytics Drift

Produced By: Tejaswini Kasture

Deepmind has established the Open X-Embodiment dataset and the RT-X model with the goal of training robots for a wide range of tasks

Image source: Canva

Open X-Embodiment dataset comprises data from distinct robot types, and these robots have successfully executed 500 skills and over 150,000 tasks.

Image source: Deepmind

RT-X model is a general-purpose robotics model that is built on two of Deepmind’s transformer models, RT-X-1 and RT-X-2.

Image source: Deepmind

The Deepmind's team has open-sourced this dataset and the trained models to further enhance their work on robotics.

Image source: canva

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