Releases a Free Course on Building Applications with Vector Databases

Image source: Deeplearning introduces a course on building applications with vector databases, unveiling the power of embeddings. Here are some of the applications you can build with this course"

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New Course Alert: Vector Databases

Learn to build a Semantic Search tool, focusing on content's meaning over keywords, using a user Q/A dataset.

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1. Semantic Search App

Enhance LLMs with RAG, answering queries with untrained data like Wikipedia, for accurate, detailed responses.

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2. RAG for LLM

Create a Recommender System that leverages semantic search and RAG for topic suggestions, using news articles.

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3. Recommender System

Develop Hybrid Search applications that find items through images and text, demonstrated with eCommerce data.

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4. Hybrid Search

Explore Facial Similarity, comparing features with a public figures database to identify resemblances.

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5. Facial Similarity

Learn Anomaly Detection, spotting unusual patterns in network logs to safeguard digital environments.

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6. Anomaly Detection

Discover the versatility of vector databases in building diverse, minimal-coding applications across domains.

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Beyond RAG: The Power of Vector Databases

Ideal for those with beginner Python, basic ML, and LLM knowledge, eager to explore vector database applications.

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Equip yourself with innovative application-building skills using any vector database. Start your journey today!

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