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Image source: Analytics Drift is a new tool that utilizes your webcam to morph your appearance into the character you script.

Image source: Fal.AI

Operating in real-time at over 40 frames per second, it is presently available at no cost.

Image source: Canva

Fal presents a freely accessible public demo. Upon entry, it requests permission to access the webcam. Users need to input a prompt specifying the character they wish to embody.

Image source: Canva

The outcome is a real-time video reflecting the chosen character’s appearance.

Image source: Fal.AI

The deep fake rendition also mirrors our clothing accessories and replicates our movements, such as gestures with our hands, smiles, etc.

Image source: Canva

Currently, the demo is restricted to a 15-second runtime to prevent server overload and curb excessive resource consumption. You can find the code for Fal on GitHub.

Image source: Canva is backed by a team comprising seven engineers. Beyond their deep fake creation, they specialize in developing real-time AI applications.

Image source: Canva



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