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According to a tweet from Co-founder and CEO Sumit Shah, the enterprise ecommerce startup Dukaan has replaced 90% of its support workers with an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.


According to CEO Arvind Krishna, IBM anticipates pausing employment hiring as approximately 7,800 positions may be replaced by artificial intelligence in the upcoming years.


The German tabloid Bild has informed staff via email that it aims to use artificial intelligence to replace a number of editorial positions as part of a €100 million cost-cutting programme.


During the company's latest quarterly earnings call, British telecom major BT announced that it will cut nearly 55,000 jobs by 2030 and replace thousands of them with artificial intelligence tools.


Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, recently said the company would be letting go of 16% of its staff, or about 500 people, due to slow growth and the fact that "the AI era of computing has finally arrived."


The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) has disbanded the staff of its helpline and has replaced them with an AI chatbot called “Tessa” starting June 1, 2023. It discontinued the chatbot after reports of harmful advice.

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