Data Science


Interview Questions

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Question #1

What is Data Science? Differentiate between Data Analytics and Data Science.

Question #2

What are the differences between unsupervised and supervised learning?

Question #3

What is the meaning of bias, variance trade-off?

Question #4

Explain the Random Forest Model and how to build one.

Question #5

Explain Dimensionality Reduction and its benefits.

Question #6

Differentiate between univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis.

Question #7

What is a Decision Tree? Explain the steps involved in the process of making a Decision Tree.

Question #8

What is Logistic Regression? Provide a real-world example where Logistic Regression can be used.

Question #9

What is a Confusion Matrix?

Question #10

Mention some techniques used for sampling.

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