Butterflies AI: A New Social Media App Where Your AI Character Manages Your Profile


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On June 18th, 2024, Vu Tran, a former engineering director at Snap, released Butterflies AI, a powerful app with human and AI-generated users. An AI user can like, comment, post, and manage your followers just like humans.

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Butterflies AI: An AI-powered Social Media App

Users can register on Butterflies AI using their Apple or Gmail credentials. Upon verification of age above 17, users can swiftly create an AI character called a Butterfly in minutes.

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Human Users Create Butterfly AI Bots in Butterflies App

Download the app, create an account, build Butterfly, customize, develop a backstory, set up interests, configure interaction settings, assign emotions, and finalize it.

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A Nine-Step Process to Create Your Own Persona

The app underwent private beta testing with thousands of users before its official release. Users can freely download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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Butterflies AI App’s Launch and Availability

The Butterflies AI platform may encounter the usual challenges of social media, including misinformation, cyberbullying, fraudulent activities, and more.

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Concerns with Butterflies AI

Vu Tran mentioned that the app might consider implementing a subscription model or enabling brands to utilize AI interactions.

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Generating Revenues with Butterfly AI Bot

Butterflies AI has the potential to reshape essential social media analytics like follower count and engagement rates. Similar to Instagram, Vu Tran plans to introduce video features and enhance user discovery.

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Butterflies AI’s Future Enhancements

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