Bard's Breakthrough: Global Access to Gemini Pro and Image Generation

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Bard unveils significant updates, expanding Gemini Pro worldwide and introducing global image generation capabilities.

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Introducing Bard's Global Updates

Initially in English, Gemini Pro now enhances Bard's functionalities globally, in over 40 languages and 230+ territories.

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Gemini Pro in Over 40 Languages

Recognized for its advanced conversational AI, Bard with Gemini Pro outperforms competitors, becoming a top choice worldwide.

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A Preferred Chatbot Globally

The double-check feature, allowing users to verify Bard's responses, extends to more than 40 languages, enhancing trust and reliability.

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Double-Check Feature Expansion

Generate high-quality, photorealistic images in English worldwide, bringing creative ideas to life at no cost.

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Unleashing Creativity with Image Generation

Image generation incorporates SynthID for watermarking, ensuring ethical use and respect for original human artwork.

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Ethical Design and Responsibility

Bard's updates come with stringent safety filters and privacy protections, aiming to limit inappropriate content generation.

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Safety and Privacy First

With these updates, Bard emerges as a more helpful, globally accessible AI tool for both grand projects and daily tasks.

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