Apple's Strategic Shift: AI Team Closure in San Diego

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Apple decides to shut down its Data Operations Annotations team in San Diego, impacting 121 employees.

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AI Team Closure Announcement

Affected employees face a choice: relocate to Austin by the end of February or face termination by April 26.

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Relocation or Termination

Apple offers a $7,000 relocation stipend, severance pay, and six months of health insurance to assist impacted employees.

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Support for Affected Employees

The team, initially contractors for Siri queries, transitioned to full-time roles in 2019, working on voice service enhancements in multiple languages.

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The Team's Background

San Diego employees express concerns about relocation and job suitability as the consolidation move to Austin unfolds.

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Impact on San Diego Employees

Despite the AI team's consolidation, Apple continues to grow in San Diego, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to the region.

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Apple's Growth in San Diego

The consolidation reflects Apple's strategy to streamline its AI operations, aiming to enhance AI capabilities in Austin.

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Future of Apple's AI Operations

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