Andrew Ng and HuggingFace Introduce Free Course on Generative AI Using Gradio

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Leading AI expert Andrew Ng is back with another free short course called Building Generative AI Applications with Gradio, in association with Hugging Face.

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One will learn how to develop and demo machine learning applications fast in this course. Apolinário Passos, an ML Art Engineer at Hugging Face, will teach the course, which is meant for beginners.

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Participants will experiment with a variety of Gradio-based activities during the course, such as text summarization, image captioning, and image production.

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With the help of the open-source Gradio Python library, users can quickly create customizable user interface elements for their machine learning model or any API and create user-friendly applications that can be used by people who are not programmers.

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After completing the one-hour training, you will have acquired useful skills for creating interactive apps and demos that will speed up project implementation and validation.

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Anyone who has basic Python knowledge and wants to learn to  build and share apps and demos using Gradio, is eligible for the course.

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