AI Odyssey: Microsoft's Initiative to Skill 100,000 Developers in India

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Microsoft announces AI Odyssey, aiming to skill 100,000 developers in India in AI technologies and tools.

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AI Odyssey Launch

The program offers an immersive learning experience, aligning AI technologies with practical business applications.

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Comprehensive Learning Experience

AI Odyssey addresses the need for a skilled workforce in India, capable of leveraging AI for innovation and problem-solving.

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Building a Skilled Workforce

Open to all AI enthusiasts in India, the program welcomes participants of all experience levels to join and learn.

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Program Accessibility

Participants will engage in two levels of challenges, starting with Azure AI services and culminating in a practical AI skills assessment.

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Two-Level Challenge

Successful completion earns the Microsoft Applied Skills credential, validating real-world AI problem-solving abilities.

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Microsoft Applied Skills Credential

Top achievers get a chance to attend the Microsoft AI Tour in Bangalore, showcasing generative AI's transformative potential.

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The AI Tour Invitation

Irina Ghose, Microsoft India MD, highlights the program's role in fostering AI solutions that contribute to India’s economic growth.

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AI for India's Economy

AI Odyssey by Microsoft is more than just training; it's a movement to empower developers and revolutionize India's tech landscape with AI.

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