Top Trends in 2024

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2024: A year poised to witness unparalleled advancements and shifts in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Large Multimodal Models (LMM)

Large Multimodal Models rise, combining text, image, and sound understanding to create more holistic and nuanced AI solutions.

Open-Source LLLMs

Expansion of open-source Large Language Models, democratizing AI and fostering innovation across various sectors.

Integration at Every Touchpoint

Seamless integration of LLMs and LMMs becoming ubiquitous, enhancing user experiences and operational efficiencies.


MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) gains momentum, emphasizing the need for robust, scalable, and efficient AI deployment strategies.

Funding Shifts in AI Startups

A recalibration of investments with less funding in AI startups compared to the boom in 2022, prompting a focus on sustainable and practical AI solutions.

Optimization of Generative AI

Generative AI moves towards task-specific optimization, creating highly efficient systems tailored to specialized needs.

The Emergence of Shadow AI

Increasing awareness and concern around 'Shadow AI' – unofficial and unsanctioned AI systems within organizations, raising questions about control and governance.

Surge in AI Regulation

2024 expects a significant increase in AI regulation, aiming to address ethical, privacy, and safety concerns as AI becomes more pervasive in society.


As AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying abreast of these trends is crucial for anyone in the field, from developers to policymakers.

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