AI Cannot Replace Human Intelligence in Court Rulings, says Delhi HC

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The Delhi High Court has ruled that human intelligence or the human component in the adjudicative process cannot be replaced by artificial Intelligence.

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It declared that ChatGPT cannot serve as the foundation for making legal or factual assessments in a court of law.

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An effort to use ChatGPT findings to support a party's claim of trademark infringement was declined by Justice Prathiba M. Singh.

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The HC emphasized that there is still uncertainty surrounding the accuracy and dependability of AI-generated data, and that such a tool is only suitable for basic research or analysis.

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According to her, the response of a Large Language Model-based chatbot like ChatGPT, which is sought to be relied upon by counsel for the plaintiff, depends on a host of factors, including the nature and structure of the user's query, the training data, etc.

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Furthermore, there is a possibility that AI chatbots will produce inaccurate responses, fictitious precedents, and inventive facts, the HC said.

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