A.R. Rahman's AI Tribute: Reviving Voices of Legendary Singers


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A.R. Rahman harnesses AI to bring back the voices of departed singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed for 'Thimiri Yezhuda' in 'Lal Salaam'.

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Rahman's AI Musical Feat

Rahman obtained permission from the singers' families and provided remuneration for using their voice algorithms.

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Ethical Approach

The use of AI in music has sparked debate online, with opinions divided over this technological advancement.

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Divided Internet Reaction

Rahman's AI-driven project revives the late Bakya and Hameed's voices, showcasing a blend of technology and nostalgia.

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Reviving Legends with AI

Rahman emphasizes respect and nostalgia in using technology to recreate the voices of these musical legends.

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A Respectful Tribute

Both Bakya and Hameed had a history of successful collaborations with Rahman, contributing to several hit songs.

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Collaborative Histories

The music industry lost Shahul Hameed in a car crash in 1997 and Bamba Bakya to cardiac arrest in 2022.

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Legacy and Loss

Rahman's project exemplifies the potential of AI as a tool in music, transcending traditional boundaries.

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Technology as a Musical Tool

This venture into AI-assisted music creation may pave the way for new explorations in the industry.

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Future of AI in Music

A.R. Rahman's AI initiative in 'Lal Salaam' represents a groundbreaking fusion of technology and artistic legacy.

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