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20 Indian Startups Selected for

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It is a tech platform with its own line of wearables and metabolic optimized coaching to relieve chronic disorders ranging from obesity to diabetics using science-backed biohacks & lifestyle habit formations.


Founded in 2020, AlgoBio is driving better health, wellness, and innovation by making accurate molecular information accessible through their cloud-hosted software solution.

Atsuya Technologies

Atsuya Technologies is a deep tech company that was founded in 2017 with a singular mission of powering operational excellence in businesses with a focus on sustainability.


AyuRythm is a hyper-personalized digital companion for holistic wellness, with a unique blend of modern technologies and ancient science of health assessment and care.


Blend is a digital lending platform that supports and simplifies applications for mortgages, consumer loans, and deposit accounts. It is a Copilot for commerce teams to create stunning product visuals.


Cloudphysician is a healthcare company that aims to deliver accessible and specialized care through their clinically led solutions.


DentalDost makes early diagnosis possible for every smartphone user, solving the problem of first-mile healthcare accessibility with a mission to make oral care accessible, reliable and affordable.

Expertia AI

Expertia AI is an AI-powered full-stack hiring platform helping from talent discovery to decision and eliminates 90% of the time taken, cost and bias in hiring processes.


Filo is the world's only instant live tutoring app that connects a student with the right tutor over a live one-to-one video session in just 60 seconds.


KarmaLifeAI is a fintech platform that empowers gig & blue collar workers with earnings-linked finance provided on a subscription model.


Knorish is building the world’s most convenient no-code, AI-powered platform for the creator economy, facilitating knowledge commerce via sales funnels for online courses, webinars and memberships on custom websites and apps.


LimeChat is elevating e-commerce brands with AI-powered conversational commerce on WhatsApp and Instagram for exceptional support, sales, and marketing.


The startup Mozark evaluates efficacy across all customer journeys with their ‘single source of truth’ platform encompassing every component of the digital ecosystem.

Namaste Business

Using Namaste, small businesses can make their own e-commerce app and website in a minute and can also publish their apps on Play Store and App Store with a click.


Neodocs is an in-home wellness tracker that instantly and accurately uncovers what your body really needs. It builds an instant at home testing platform to quantify biomarkers with just a smartphone.


Qoruz is a professional network for content creators, leveraging social analytics and automation to streamline brand collaborations and increase transparency.


Rooter is a gaming and eSports content platform designed to give a community platform to the millions of gaming enthusiasts in the country.

Swasthya AI

Swasthya AI is a technology backbone for healthcare stakeholders to fast-track cancer research and enable personalised care for improved patient outcomes.


Trainman is an IRCTC-authorized train booking app which helps users with PNR status, waitlist prediction, train running status and gives free upgrade to flight on waitlisted train tickets. translates videos, images, podcasts and text using AI to 75+ languages with just 1-click. It is transforming the way AI is used in content creation.

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